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By Onsen April 24, 2017 792 Views No comments

Spring is here for most of us and it's all about renewal and change. As warmer weather approaches, our skin care routine will have to change to accommodate sun exposure, dryness, and an active lifestyle. It's also a great time to reset and reboot your skin. With the changes in temperatures your skin care will also need a boost and a tweak.

With that in mind, here are some helpful tips to get your through the transition for a beautiful spring!

Check product expiration dates! Try to do this this at least 2 times a year—and what better time than spring? Most makeup and skin care products do expire, and if you keep using it, you risk break-outs and bacterial infections. Mascara should be tossed 3 times per year, liquid liner and concealer after six months, and lipstick, lip gloss, and foundation after one year. You should also check your moisturizer and sunscreen for an expiration date. If anything is expired, or you’re in doubt, throw it out!

Reorganize. Throw open your windows, toss the old, and reorganize. Now is the time to energize your skin care routine and do a deep organization of your beauty products. Once your expired products are thrown out, take an honest look at what’s left and get rid of what you never use.

Update your skin care. Most of us don’t have the same skin care needs year-round. Sometimes you stay with the same skin care routine but maybe you should add a serum or a gel cleanser to revitalize your skin care collection. Your winter moisturizer is probably too rich for summer, so it’s a good idea to switch to one that’s lighter and contains sun protection. Wake up your skin with something new.

Remove the layers. As you reorganize and update your products, make sure remove the "old" skin layers as well. Exfoliation will prep your skin for your new products. Try a peel that is gentle yet effective. A skin peel is a great way to remove the "winter" layers of skin. Try our Purifying Face Peel. It will gradually exfoliate away dead skin cells, so your face will glow! It's a great way to "Spring Clean" your face.

So embrace the new season with throwing out the old and bringing in the new!

Happy spring clean!


By Onsen November 21, 2016 5843 Views 1 comment

4 Tips experts say will give your skin a more youthful, radiant glow.

We’ve all heard the benefits to using a daily moisturizer. Ask any dermatologist and they will all but hail moisturizers as the Holy Grail of skin care. Models, celebrities, and other on-camera personalities tell us in beauty magazines that it is the one thing they cannot start the morning without. In this day and age, it has become, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the key to de-stressing lines, removing wrinkles, and maintaining a youthful, glowing complexion.


By Onsen secret April 22, 2016 5978 Views No comments

This holistic approach to skin care is designed to work with your skin’s natural process. Onsen uses target specific systems in a way no other skin care company does. The results are visible instantly and continue to improve within days; your skin will experience a transformation and provide its own feedback. You will notice how it becomes luminous and others will too. Skin tone will get even; skin becomes brighter, vibrant, plump, firmer, smooth and healthy looking. It will thank you for loving it and providing for what it needs, the way nature intended.

Pure Actives

By Onsen secret April 22, 2016 5323 Views 1 comment

Shichi Complex


Proprietary Complex of seven minerals originating in the Onsen Hot Springs and generated from deep layers in the earth's crust:

  • Calcium Carbonate Ore
  • Tourmaline Ceramics
  • Coral Fossil
  • Binchotan-Charcoal
  • Maifanashi Stone
  • Dechlorine Ceramics


By Onsen secret April 22, 2016 3985 Views No comments

Technology - Water / Powder / Synergy / Complete Solutions


Modern science explains the positive impact and benefits of the Onsen phenomenon as deriving from the unique molecular structure of the water – known as anti oxidant micro-water. Ordinary water in their natural state, purified, distilled or de-ionized are bonded together to form 11-12 molecule clusters. The super- tourmaline powder in the Onsen water on the other hand generates the negative ions, which cause the water to reduce the size of the molecule clusters so they consist of only 5-6 molecules. This simple procedure is what creates "Micro water", water that’s essentially ‘smaller’ and therefore able to penetrate deeper into skin layers. Onsen Secret research and development team was able to recreate this smart water in its lab using breakthrough technology; enriched with minerals (Onsen’s proprietary Shichi Complex), vitamins and bio marine extracts, each of the products in the series delivers a 100% pure, potent and active solution. The results of this holistic approach of nature supporting skin’s own process are amazing. Think of it! Most skin care products contain up to 90% ordinary water and the rest are active ingredients, Onsen products on the hand are 100% active!


By Onsen secret April 22, 2016 1190 Views No comments

Source - History / Ritual & Experience / Effects


In the Japanese language, the word Onsen means Natural Hot Springs. There are thousands of highly popular Onsens all across Japan. Every region of the country has its share of hot springs and resort towns, which come with them. The Onsen experience is an integral part of Japan’s history and has been around for centuries. Although Onsens first became ultra popular as destinations in themselves sometime during the Heian Period, many onsens have a history dating back to the earliest years of Japanese settlement. It is likely that the Ainu and wildlife made use of the thermal waters even before this. For example the Yunoyama Onsen in the Suzuka Kokutei Park near Gozaisho-Dake in Mie, not far west of Nagoya, was located in the eighth century by hunters who discovered that deer were enjoying a good hot soak in its waters - to this day Yunoyama's nickname remains "Deer Onsen".

Skin Care Product Giveaway. A $1000 in Luxury Skin Care Products

By Onsen secret April 22, 2016 1077 Views No comments

Would you like to win luxury skin care products worth $1000?

Here’s your chance. Starting Wednesday, June, 26, 2013 you will be able to take part in our Facebook contest. To take part all you need to do is visit the competition tab on our Facebook page, like it, enter your details and you will be signed up for the contest.

Best Skin Care Products - Our 14 Second Place Winners of our Facebook Contest

By Onsen secret April 22, 2016 1073 Views No comments

As we mentioned in our previous post, we have chosen all the winners of our Best Skin Care Products Facebook sweepstakes contest. These include the 14 lucky winners, who won the daily $100 prize (2nd place), and our 1st prize winner, Jen Bolander, who won the $1000 gift card.

Free Skin Care Products. And the winner of our Facebook Sweepstake is .....

By Onsen secret April 22, 2016 800 Views No comments

A few days ago, we chose the winner of our Free Skin Care Products Facebook sweepstake which was conducted, over the past two weeks, between 29 th May and 11th June 2013. All people had to do was visit our Facebook page, ‘Like’ it and sign up for the contest on the ‘sweepstakes tab’. It was that simple. We received a lot of positive response for this contest. The 1 st prize for the contest, which is a $1000 gift card, went to Jen Bolander. Congratulations Jen! Hope you make the most of your gift card and try out a wide array of our luxury skincare products.

Your Skin

By Onsen secret April 22, 2016 1026 Views No comments

There are many elements that effect how my skin look and feels.

External - Seasons / Pollution