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Best Skin Care Products - Our 14 Second Place Winners of our Facebook Contest

By Onsen secret April 22, 2016 971 Views No comments

As we mentioned in our previous post, we have chosen all the winners of our Best Skin Care Products Facebook sweepstakes contest. These include the 14 lucky winners, who won the daily $100 prize (2nd place), and our 1st prize winner, Jen Bolander, who won the $1000 gift card.

Here’s the list of all 14 lucky 2nd place winners:-

Mihir Vaidya

Rachel Joan

Amie Byle

Christine Elizabeth Cusack

Bridgette Meagher

Christine Ney

Joana May

Lynn Duckworth

Kris Otto

Linda Meranda

Brenna Wells

Jenifer Ann Berghuis

Katie Knoll

Michelle Fine

All of these winners will receive a $100 gift card each. With this they can buy anything from our website. Congratulations to all of you! Hope you enjoy your prize.

Thank you so much for taking part in the contest. We are extremely happy with the response and are excited about the Facebook contest we will be launching in a couple weeks. We would really appreciate it if you were a part of it too. To be informed as soon as the contest begins, please sign up to our newsletter (the sign up form can be found at the bottom of the page) or subscribe to our updates on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as we make sure that our fans and followers are the first people to be informed.

What did you think about the contest? We would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave your comments below.